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Arkiv – Platform Nord 2018


Platform Nord Forbindelser

I 14.-15.november 2018 ble Platform Nord arrangert, men denne gangen i seminar-form. Platform Nord Forbindelser ble en faglig møteplass for nordiske kunstakademier og utdanningsinstitusjoner, og deres unge kunstnere. Temaet for seminaret var kunstnerisk mobilitet.

Platform Nord Forbindelser // Connections 2018

Platform Nord invites to a Nordic seminar at the University of Agder 14.-15.November 2018


We ask: How can we promote artistic mobility? Does higher education have a responsibility to support young artists in establishing themselves?


Through two inspirational and intense Platform Nord festivals we have got to know some up and coming Nordic young artists. Our participants come from different Nordic countries, and are characterized bydiverse artistic expressions, but share common ground in being educated at the academies and universities in the Nordic region.


The young artists of today are expected to follow up graduation by becoming innovative entrepreneurs financing and justifying their existence through creative grant applications and business skills. They must be ready to navigate the system, building profitable network associations both home and abroad.


And then, they are supposed to create art.


Platform Nord starts the conversation by inviting Nordic art academies and universities to “dugnad”: identifying how we can work together to help our young artists build Nordic networks, international connections and cross artistic relations.




Welcome to Platform Nord Connections


The seminar delves into the possibilities and limitations of artistic mobility experienced by our young Nordic artists.


We hereby invite representatives of the art academies and art educators in the Nordic region to take part in the conversation on how we can contribute to graduated artists’ venture into professional careers. Through enlightening lectures, an evening symposium and an artistic workshop Platform Nord prepares the ground for new ideas and alternative routes of future collaborations. The program is developed in collaboration with “Art in Context,” the research and artistic development platform of the Faculty of Fine Arts, University of Agder.

Platform Nord Connections is open for participants from all artistic expressions. Registration fee of NOK 500. Young artist participants free of charge.

Special allowance made for first ten academic guests that register for co-participation with a student / young artist: one night each of accommodations covered by Platform Nord. PN covers one night in single room for academics, as well as accommodation for the young artists shared with the other young artists.



Take part in CASE SYMPOSIUM 14 November, 7pm – 10pm

curated by André Tribbensee

Call for contributions

Platform Nord Case Symposium will be a zone for free thinking. Together we will create an exiting space for mutual inspiration, discussion, personal expression and the exchange of ideas. There will be time to talk in a relaxed setting. For this we will provide food and we will take you to an extraordinary environment apart from university.

The symposium will consist of our guests own contributions. Within this space we will not divide participants into experts and audience but rather look at each other as a sharing community where everybody is welcome to join the discussions, students, activists and professors alike. We want to welcome all of you to suggest an own short presentation, speech or a performance, based on your experience, practice, questions or critiques towards the topic of MOBILITY.

However you are free to choose the content and medium of your presentation, it should not extend a time-frame of 3-7 minutes, as we wish to include as many of you as possible. Please don’t hesitate to contact us for registration.

We wish your contribution to origin in your very personal interests, questions and reflections (rather than representing and positioning your organisation or status). Tell us about what we probably wont expect, or what yourself would like to learn more about.

Your contribution could for instance content:

  • an astonishing example from your own practice
  • a critical reflection or burning question to share
  • a provocation
  • a mobility project that turned out to be a disaster
  • a brilliant example for the blessings of mobility

Symposium / please sign in: We encourage you to join us with a short contribution (3-7 min.) Please submit your presentation title and a short description to André Tribbensee: post@platformnord.com

Curator statement:
Mobility may be seen and experienced as the ultimate blessing of our time, an unquestioned strategy for success and a mantra for unlimited opportunities, expanding potentials, jet invisible markets and economic growth. Even Platform Nords existence might be a manifestation of this believe.
Digitalisation, globalisation, increasing accessibility and continuous social networking does have their effects not just on our work but on our very personal life and mental state. Where might be the threshold when the increase of information and movement instead of benefitting us turns into restlessness, postpone knowledge and alienation with a loss of quality and presence in life, and what again would that mean for our work with art and education?

Platform Nord Connections – Speakers and Artists


Rob Brannen

Rob Brannen is Chair of the board of trustees and a funding member of UK Young Artists. He is also Head of the School of Arts at De Montfort University, Leicester. The School contains programmes in Arts & Festivals Management, Dance, Drama, Fine Art, Foundation Art & Design, Photography & Video and Performing Arts. Rob is a Teacher Fellow of De Montfort University, and hold a National Teaching Fellowship award for individual excellence in teaching. He is also Vice-President of the International University Theatre Association.

On Nordic collaborations

Keld Hosbond

Keld Hosbond is Head of International Relations and Vice Principal at Royal Academy of Music, Aarhus/Aalborg (RAMA). Keld is NordPULS Chairman - Nordic Network for Music Academies, Rhythmic Music, and coordinator in Erasmus - managing intensive projects, as well as actively teaching development theory, music culture and communication, pedagogical theory, entrepreneurship for music students.

RAMA is a partner in Platform Nord.

On the artist in the Society

Boel Christensen-Scheel

Boel Christensen-Scheel is a professor at Oslo Met, Faculty of Technology, Art and Design. Boel leads the research group Art in Society, and is head of studies at her department. Her Ph.D. is on new art and performance theory, and she actively writes essays and art criticism, amongst others for the online journal Periskop.no.


Dora Bei

Dora Bei is president of the European network Bjcem.org that promoted opportunities for young artists internationally. Dora is a greek literature graduate, with a master’s degree in Philosophy from Columbia University in New York. Currently Dora is Director for Culture and Youth Social Participation in the Hellenic Youth Ministry, and has spent almost two decades of her professional life servicing young people’s interests by holding directorial positions in international cooperation and in the European Commission.

A young artists Experiences

Sidsel Nielsen Bonde

Sidsel Bonde is a Danish visual artist and graphic designer undertaking a Master´s degree at The University of Bergen, Faculty of Fine Art. Her artistic practice revolves around contemporary representations of nature and agriculture in modern society. Sidsel participated in Platform Nord in 2015, and in October 2018 she will participate in the multidisciplinary residency-program LandXcapes in Puglia, Italy as a Nordic representative. Sidsel will tell us about her participation at Platform Nord, and challenges and opportunities as a young artist.


Helen Eriksen

Helen Eriksen is an English visual artist and educator, based in Oslo where she is a member of Tenthaus Artist Collective. Helen perceives art as an activity, rather than a product. This understanding of art and artist has given the possibility to take on a shifting artist identity that encompasses many different roles within professional art production – from maker to curator to administrator. Her artistic role in public space has resulted in an art practice that often includes other participants in the artistic process.

COMPOSER / Musician

Bára Gísladóttir

Bára Gísladóttir (27) is an Icelandic composer with the double bass and electronics as instruments. She is based in Copenhagen, where she recently completed a master’s degree in composition. Bára participated in Platform Nord in 2017 with the work BRIMSLÓÐ.


André Tribbensee

André Tribbensee is a Kristiansand based artist, curator and activist.
Beside his own production of visual artwork and his work as a lecturer and educator internationally, Tribbensee has been initiator for independent educational and community based experiments, targeting environmental issues, peace- and conflict research, collaborating with scientists in the fields of economy, philosophy, social science and education.


Jóna Hlíf Halldórsdóttir

My name is Jona Hlif Halldorsdottir, MFA from Glasgow 2007. My work and exhibitions have consisted of mixed medium, building on elements from photographs, video, sculpture and installations. Textual art has been the core of my Artistic expression for the past few years.


Henrik Vibskov

My name is Henrik Vibskov and grew up in the countryside of Denmark. I have my education from Central Martins and I am a professor at the Danish Design School. My work consists of composing music, fashion design, costumes, scenography and exhibitions.


Daniel Nordgård

Daniel Nordgård teaches music business at the master's program for Music Management and conducts research on international music industries and changes in relations to the digitization process. He recently completed his doctorate dissertation ``Determining Factors on Digital Change in the Music Industries``. Beyond Nordgård's academic work, he also sits in a number of boards, nationally and internationally.


Mads Hatlevik

Mads Hatlevik, advisor at the Faculty of Fine Arts, University of Agder, is a fast runner and a enamoured sailor. He drums the drums, and ride a super-hipster bicycle and a Honda motorbike.



Onsdag 14.november

Kl. 10.00 Registration Platform Nord Connections
University of Agder (UiA), Campus Kristiansand

10.00 – Registration

Registration and refreshments.

11.00 – Welcome
Marit Wergeland-Yates (NO) // Dean, the Faculty of Fine Arts (UiA)

11.15 – Presentations
Boel Christensen-Scheel (NO) // Professor (Oslo Met)

Sidsel Nielsen Bonde (D) // Artist 

Dora Bei (GR) // President (Bjcem.org)

13.00 – Short break

13.10 – Presentations
Eline Wernberg Sigfusson (D) // Senior Advisor, Vice Director (The Nordic Culture Fund)

Rob Brannen (UK) // Board of Trustees (UK Young Artists)

Mads Hatlevik (NO) // Advisor, the Faculty of Fine Arts (UiA)

14.40 – Break and a light meal

15.10 – Music

15.30 – Introductory statement
Daniel Nordgård (NO) // Associate professor, UIA

15.45 – Round table
Henrik Vibskov (D) // Designer, PN Artistic Board 

Jona Hlíf Halldórsdóttir (IS) // Artist, PN Artistic Board

Rob Brannen (UK) // Board of Trustees (UK Young Artists)

Boel Christensen-Scheel (NO) // Professor (Oslo Met)

Inger M. Stoveland (NO) // FLUKS 

17.00 – Break

19.00 – Symposium / Dinner
André Tribbensee (NO) // Artist and curator

22.00 – End of day 1

Torsdag 15.november

09.00 – Workshop
Helen Eriksen (UK) // Artist, Tenthaus  Oslo

12.00 – Presentation
Keld Hosbond (DK) // Vice principal,  Jyske conservatory of music

12.30 – Lunch / Going home


Nytt fra Platform Nord


Kunstnerisk råd

Det kunstneriske rådet består av dyktige, profesjonelle kunstnere som selv arbeider sjangeroverskridende og tverrestetisk. Rådet vil ha en sentral rolle under Platform Nord. De velger ut prosjektene, gir tilbakemeldinger, holder workshop og arbeider tett sammen med deltagerne.


Henrik Vibskov

Mit navn er Henrik Vibskov og kommer fra landet i Danmark. Er uddannet på central martins , og professor på den danske designskole. Jeg laver musik, modebeklædning , kostumer, scenografi og udstillinger.


Jóna Hlíf Halldórsdóttir

My name is Jona Hlif Halldorsdottir, MFA from Glasgow 2007. My work and exhibitions have consisted of mixed medium, building on elements from photographs, video, sculpture and installations. Textual art has been the core of my Artistic expression for the past few years.


Morten Traavik

Morten Traavik er en norsk regissør og kunstner som arbeider over et bredt spekter av kunstneriske sjangere og internasjonale grenser. Han er opprinnelig teaterutdannet i Russland og Sverige. Ideen om verden som en scene, og identitet som rollespill, er gjerne langt fremme i hans arbeid.