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Meet Bianca Hisse, Nordic artist at Mediterranea 19 Biennale

Bianca Hisse´s work “Four Infrastructural Movements for a Burning Social Body” is featured as one of the Nordic contributions at “School of Waters,” the Mediterranea 19 Young Artist Biennale in San Marino. The biennale opens 14th May, and is open for visits until 31st October 2021.  


Tell us a little bit about yourself and your artistic background

I was born in Sao Paulo, Brazil. I came to Norway in 2017 to take a Master at the art academy in Tromsø, and have been living here since then. I come from a background in contemporary dance and performance, and the body is my main artistic medium. Recently, I have been interested in looking at choreography as a method of collective organization, and how it infiltrates power structures of social life.


What kind of project will you present during the Bjcem-biennale in San Marino 2021?

The work “Four Infrastructural Movements for a Burning Social Body” is also my graduation project. It is an installative work with four sculptures and one sound piece. Each sculpture suggests a possible choreography in public space, and they are inspired by demands from people around the world regarding social changes, which were collected from various sources, such as newspapers, television, Internet, and private contributions. The sound piece is installed inside one of the sculptures, and it narrates possible (and also sometimes slightly absurd) correlations between recent forest fires, our current global economy and the act of crawling.


Bianca Hisse has previously been a participant in the Platform Nord / UK New Artist collaboration “United” in 2019.