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Jóna Hlíf Halldórsdóttir

Who are you, and what is your Artistic expression?
My name is Jona Hlif Halldorsdottir, MFA from Glasgow 2007. I work as a professional artist and also as Chairman of the Board at the Association of Icelandic Visual Artists. My work and exhibitions have consisted of mixed medium, building on elements from photographs, video, sculpture and installations. Textual art has been the core of my Artistic expression for the past few years.

Are there any Nordic common denominators in the contemporary Art scene?
I think it’s possible to specify some denominators in Nordic Art with reference to ethnographical, geographical, socio-cultural, historical and other shared similarities. It’s also possible to analyze similar features in one or more of the Nordic countries. Personally, I have always thought there is something identical to the estranged isolation in Finland and Iceland. However, it might be dangerous to generalize too much based on these common denominators, branding some Art as Nordic. Art is an international language based on the same common mediums, so it’s easy to read and relate to work from all over the world. I think there are various common denominators in the Art scene, generally.

What are your anticipations to Platform Nord – a symposium for young Nordic Artists?
My anticipations are to get introduced to good art and interesting projects showcasing drive, creativity and freshness.



raudur raudurtexti


blar blartexti


gulur gulurtexti


Rauður / Red, 2008
title: I dream of a man.
Photograph and text work, 52×60 cm


Blár / Blue
title: Revolution was useless, 2010
Photograph and text work, 52×60 cm


Gulur / Yellow
title: Yellow is the new black, 2012
Photograph and text work, 52×60 cm


Photo credit:
Red / Gísli Dúa Hjōrleifsson
Blue / Bernharð Kristinn Ingimarsson
Red / Hugi Hlynsson
Portrait: Júlía Runólfsdóttur